The Best NOLA Coffee Shops for Your Next Study Sesh

The second semester of the school year is finally here. After a month away from schoolwork, it’s difficult to get back into your study groove. Here are the best coffee shops in NOLA to sit down and cram the night before that big paper is due.


8210 Oak Street

Located on Oak Street, Zotz is in the perfect location to get away from the campus atmosphere and all of Tulane’s distractions. Equipped with extension cords and plenty of power outlets, you don’t have to stray away from your study spot (unless you’re ordering another mocha latte!). Their atmosphere is eclectic, with mannequin legs decorating the walls and quirky stickers plastered onto the tables. The prices for the coffee is not that bad either!


Mojo Coffeehouse

4700 Freret

Mojo is a completely different ambiance compared to Z’otz. Open and airy, there is plenty of outside seating to study when the weather is nice. If you get hungry studying for Calc, they have plenty of sandwiches and pastries to keep you going.


Rue De La Course

1140 S Carrollton Avenue

Rue De La Course is a short fifteen-minute walk from campus. Follow the St. Charles Streetcar Line and you’ll quickly discover Rue De La Course on the street corner of Carrollton and Oak. The classic music in the background, the coffee brews in the back of the shop, and the two-storied space makes studying easy.



7901 Maple Street

Alright, so I wouldn’t necessarily call Satsuma a coffee shop. I’ve got to give it to Satsuma though, they have some pretty decent coffee. Iced or hot, it is the perfect sidekick to your study aesthetic. There is plenty of seating to spread out your books for the day. Check out some of the Maple Street clothing shops on your study break!


Of course, there are plenty of other study spots in New Orleans to visit. But you’re here for a couple of years, and part of the fun of college is being able to enjoy new coffee shops during all of your study sessions. Try these out, and then go explore some coffee shops of your own!