7 Tips to Navigate Dewick like a Health Nut

For all of you who are still on your resolution health kick, here are ten tips to navigate Dewick like a health nut. (AKA, how I, your HC Tufts health guru, eat in Dewick.)


1. Read the Ingredients!

Don’t let the name of a dish fool you! There can be a ton of unsuspected added ingredients, like extra butter, sugar, salt, etc. So, make sure to read the list of ingredients.

2. Bulk up your salads with brown rice.


If you're like me, you've tried justifying a bowl of cereal for dessert after a really "healthy" salad for dinner. But, if you add a half cup of brown rice to your salad, you'll be way more satisfied and won't crave that bowl of cereal later.

3. Choose whole grains!


If you're having a sandwich or pasta, pick whole grains. Whole grains have more fiber, which means you will be satisfied for longer.

4. Choose olive oil and lemon instead of the premade dressings.

A healthy salad instantly loses its value when it's drenched in fatty salad dressing. Substitute the ranch and blue cheese dressings with a lighter topping of olive oil and lemon juice.



5. Avoid sugary fountain drinks.



Don’t be tempted by the wide array of sugary beverages the dining hall offers. Always choose water over fountain drinks to avoid drinking your calories.

6. Swap your nightly soft serve with a cup of frozen yogurt.

If you still need to satisfy your sweet tooth after diner, instead of reaching for that ultra sweet and fattening soft serve, fill a small bowl with some frozen yogurt. Add a little bit of crunchy peanut butter for some texture and protein!


7. Moderation is key!



We can’t always be perfect eaters. If you are craving a treat, have a little once in a while. Don’t ever feel guilty for eating something! Tomorrow brings another opportunity to accomplish those resolutions.

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Source: Google Images