5 Best Davis Square Cafés

When you start to feel like you’re in a bubble on campus and want to venture into Davis Square for a change of location, these should be your go-to spots to eat, drink, and study.

Best Free Wifi: Starbucks

            The classic coffee shop has free unlimited Wi-Fi! It has all your favorite lattes and Frappuccinos and now serves paninis to satisfy your hunger while studying. Starbucks has multiple comfy chairs and a long table with many chairs so you can find a place to work.

Best Bagel & Lox: Diesel Café


            Upset that it’s after 12pm and MagMuff is closed? You can still get a delicious bagel at Diesel Café. It comes on a plate with cream cheese, lox, and veggies so you can make your own sandwich! You do have to pay for Wi-Fi here, so it’s great to come if you want to grab coffee and a bagel with friends or can do work without the Internet.

Best Healthy Option: Blue Shirt Café

            Blue Shirt Café is the place to go if you want to grab a healthy snack to fuel your brain. Choose from juices, smoothies, and healthy breakfast and lunch options like multigrain blueberry pancakes.

Best Crepes: Mr. Crepe

            Well, this one is pretty self-explanatory. You can enjoy one of these yummy treats for breakfast, lunch, or dinner depending on what you choose for the filling. The brie, apple, and grape crepe here is fantastic, and the potato soup is a perfect light lunch option if you want something different.

Best Atmosphere: iYo Bistro

            Recently renovated with more additions to their menu like sandwiches and falafel, you can get a full meal to go with your fro-yo while you hit the books. There is great lighting and many small tables to sit with a laptop.

There are many more great eats and study spots around campus, so you can get out and explore without feeling guilty about not getting work done!

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