Tips for Surviving Trinfluenza 2015

Nothing is worse than finding yourself sick at school (I would know, I’m writing this with a box of tissues in my lap). Without mom’s homemade chicken soup and getting to lie in bed all day, we have to make due with what we have and make it to classes in one piece, sort of. I’m no Doctor McDreamy, but here are a few tips and remedies that I have used and would recommend when feeling under the weather:

1. Breathe Right Strips:

If your nose is so stuffy and you’re struggling to breathe, invest in some Breathe Right Strips. You can find these babies at any neighborhood pharmacy/grocery store. Just peel off the back and stick the light plastic strip a third of the way up your nose. You might look like a ridiculous boxer who broke her nose in the ring, but I promise you it works miracles. You can actually use your nose when you’ve got a cold.

2. Hot Tea with Honey and Lemon:

When you just can’t seem to warm up under the thirty layers you pulled on, get snuggly in your bed with a mug of hot tea. Some great flavor recommendations include chamomile tea, maple black tea, chaga tea, and citrus green tea. If your throat is sore, add some honey and lemon. Bonus: Peppermint tea helps with upset stomachs.

3. Ginger Ale and Orange Juice:

Ginger ale can help relieve upset stomachs. Orange juice is a great source of vitamin C, which is thought to help in preventing getting sick and getting over colds. The best part about these two remedies is that you can just make a quick run to the Bistro, Outtakes, or the Cave.

4. Keeping Hydrated:

Make sure to drink lots of water when you’re feeling under the weather. You should be well hydrated as it is to help your body function normally, but especially when you’re sick. Try keeping a tumbler cup of water with you the day and next to your bed during the night. There are claims that you drink more through a straw, making hydration easier.

5. Sleep More:

The more rest you can get when you’re sick, the speedier the recovery. Make an effort to get your work done earlier in the day during the week so you can go to bed early. If you’re feeling lousy over the weekend, skip hitting the frats for a good movie and an early bedtime, your body will thank you.

6. Take Cold-Eeze Cold Remedy Quick Melts 

#Cold-EEZE Quick Melts shortens your cold and have extra strength chamomile and Valerian to help you rest easy. They dissolve quickly in your mouth and taste a thousand times better than any over the counter liquid medicine. They are pharmacist AND Her Campus Trinity recommended to soothe your throat and any irritation.