Essential Apps for College Students

This is not news breaking but guess what, college students are addicted to being on their phones. We all do it…it’s 25 minutes into class, the heavy lecture begins, and the phone comes out. You know that there is nothing new on Facebook or Instagram except for photos from the thirty random fashion bloggers you follow (We get it…you have nice shoes and like to show them off from every angle). Yet we can’t stop scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. Rather than mindlessly procrastinating, try taking advantage of one of these awesome apps to make zoning out in class your college experience more fulfilling!



We all have those mornings where we can look at every item of clothing in our closet and now be inspired by anything we own. As much as we would love to be able to restock our wardrobe weekly, unfortunately, that’s not realistic (Even for me who has a killer employee discount as J. Crew). The better move would be to spend $2.99 and get Stylebook, an amazing app that will make you feel like Cher Horowitz. You can input every item of clothing and accessories that you own and the app will create fabulous new outfits in ways you never would have come up with on your own. It’s a bit of a lengthy process to set up but it’s so worth it once you're finished!



We are all too familiar with those weeks where we are so overwhelmed with work that come the weekend, all we want to do is relax and treat ourselves. Not to say that we all don’t deserve the occasional take-out dinner or comfy new pair of Lululemons to wear lying in bed with the pizza we just ordered. However, this should be done in moderation and Goodbudget helps you do that! You can program in how much money you want to allocate to a variety of categories- food, clothing, school supplies, etc. and then you can update what you purchase and how much each item costs. It definitely keeps you in check so that when you feel the need to treat yo’ self, you know that it actually is a treat!


My Fitness Pal

This is an extremely beneficial app to have even if you're not trying to lose weight. You can program in if you want to gain, maintain, or lose weight. Once you create your custom profile, you can update everything you eat and exercise. It’s a great way to reflect on how balanced your diet in and what you're eating throughout the day. It’s super easy to use and you get notifications throughout the day reminding you to add your most recent meals in so you have no excuse not to use it…


Spotify playlists *PureBarre and SoulCycle playlists

Sure, we’ve all used Spotify while studying, pregaming, and relaxing on the quad. However, the PureBarre and SoulCycle are bomb for working out. I’m probably one of the most stubborn people to get to go to the gym and even once I’m there, I have a really hard time getting myself to stay for more than 10 minutes. If I listen to either one of these playlists, I will be 100% committed to working out for at least a solid 45 minutes. They are designed for an intense gym setting and definitely motivate you when you're on the final few laps of your run on the treadmill. 



This app was inspired by Tinder but is specifically for food. You can swipe right or left on recipes that you want to try and it stores them by category. This is an ideal app for students that have kitchens in their dorms, and keeps you from getting sucked in the monotony of pasta, stir fry, or frozen dinners. You can sort out recipes based on your favorite ingredients or dietary restrictions and receive recipe suggestions to match whatever you are craving that night. You can save the recipes you like and star the successful ones or delete ones that you tried and never need to try again. 



Now that the weather is getting colder every day, it becomes even more difficult to get ourselves out of the comforts of our bed and down comforters and make it over to Ferris. For days when you feel the need to workout but cant fathom the thought of putting on a parka just to go and sweat for an hour, Sworkit is the app to download. You can choose a variety of workouts- from yoga to cardio to strengthening- and set your choice to a specific duration of time. There are audio and video instructions to guide you through, so it’s an especially great app to use if you want to try a new type of exercise or want to focus on one specific part of your body.