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By Ineza Merci

As human beings, it’s a part of our nature to want a bargain and discount for goods and services that we really want, especially when the original price is not looking too affordable. Like when there’s a cheaper alternative to an expensive sneaker, we tend to lean towards the cheaper shoe. But is cheaper always better?

Now, one could argue that the birth of veneer techs was due to how veneers performed by real dentists have become unaffordable for the average person. Another point is that veneer techs came about to take advantage of gullible people who just want good-looking teeth. There are two-day courses that can certify students, usually inexperienced, to become veneer techs. They then take a picture of themselves with a certification that means absolutely nothing and begin taking clients. 

A devil’s advocate would spark the discussion of how inaccessible health care and dental care are, making unlicensed veneer techs helpful. In her TikTok, user 1stplacedaj, aka. Da’Janique, explains how we shouldn’t quickly shame those who go to unlicensed individuals for veneers and braces. She goes on to say, “…times are hard and people are desperate. So from that, we’re going to see a lot more sketchy procedures…” Da’Janique is not wrong. In fact, people have been patients of illegally performed cosmetic procedures for years. But to me, there should be no excuses for such actions. In all honesty, I begin to question people’s intelligence regarding them going to veneer techs. Vanity in America has pushed a lot of people to play with their health when cheaper prices are present. Unfortunately, the outcomes don’t usually look good. No pun intended.

Cheaper is not always better, especially when it comes to your health. I could be wrong, but I think these veneer technicians are doing what they’re doing to take advantage of those who can’t afford the real thing. It becomes sketchy when unlicensed people volunteer to perform a service so complex with little training.

I believe people need to go to licensed doctors to perform cosmetic procedures like veneers. Saving up some money might take a while, but people need to keep in mind that this is their health. Bargaining for a health-related service should not be the first thing that comes to mind for both the veneer technician and the patient.

Ineza Merci

Towson '26

Ineza is a current Sophomore at Towson University. She majors in Communication Studies as an introverted individual. Oh, the irony! Ineza views writing as a way to speak her mind, comfortably, without speaking out loud. As far as writing experience goes, before graduating high school, Ineza was a part of her school’s newspaper, titled “The Paw Print”. She got the chance to write Op-Eds, write about News, and Entertainment. Ineza loves to indulge in all things Pop Culture. Including online trends, music, Beyonce (yes, she’s her own genre), and more! It’s important for Ineza to focus on what keeps her mind going and it has become important for Ineza to share what she enjoys with others. When Ineza is not writing, she’ll most likely be watching cat videos, viewing her favorite gaming streamers, or napping. She’s an advocate of maintaining a balanced lifestyle filled with priorities, fun, and self-care. Things get hectic and writer’s block is real, but Ineza is excited to further strengthen her craft in writing with Her Campus.