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Top 5 Tips on Managing Online Learning Anxiety

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Toronto MU chapter.

Nearing two years of the pandemic, students are still facing online learning, which can be very hard on both physical and mental health. Although some universities are starting to open up in-person learning little by little, many students are still stuck virtually learning for several different reasons. It’s important to try to make the best out of the situation without crawling into a hole in your room. These are the top five best tips for making the most out of being stuck in the virtual world.

Dress up for online classes

The best routine to follow for online learning is treating it as if you are back to the in-person world. This means getting out of bed earlier than five minutes before your class, showering, getting dressed and cooking a meal for yourself. By following this routine, you’re allowing yourself to pretend circumstances are as “normal” as they once were, and it helps your mindset when attending virtual classes. It also guides you to become more productive in the long run because you’re well-rested and not attending classes in your PJs. It’s also really important to consider that your body is connected to your mind. If you’re feeling good about your physique, you’ll be able to pay more attention to online learning and it will seem like you’re actually being productive. It’s also fun to dress up once in a while.

Coffee Shop Dates

Getting out of your house is the number one thing to do when you’re feeling lonely and unmotivated. If you’re taking classes that don’t require a lot of speaking, go to a coffee shop. Being surrounded by people and studying in a different environment can help you feel more motivated and refreshed. Also, who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of coffee while listening to lectures?

Mutual classes with friends

If you and your friends are enrolled in the same class, it can be beneficial to attend the virtual classes together. This is a resemblance to what it would be like to learn in person with your different classmates. Having company when taking your classes gives you the opportunity to have someone to talk to if you have any questions or concerns about the lecture. It can also be fun to be with someone else rather than alone in your room.


If you have access to your university campus, take advantage of the libraries. Libraries are a great place to go when you’re feeling lazy and dull. Being in the comfort of other students who are experiencing the same reality can allow you to feel more secure when studying. It’s also a great change of pace and environment. Additionally, libraries enhance concentration since you’re forced to be quiet.

Keeping a positive mindset and meditating

This pandemic has been hard on everyone, and students being forced to continue with online learning can have a huge impact on their physical and mental health. By keeping a positive mindset, you allow yourself to make the best out of online learning. It is important to give your body what it wants. The energy you give your body will resemble your presence in online learning. Once you focus specifically on your body and mind and are content with them, it will be way easier to succeed in online classes. Keeping a positive mindset will also allow you to accept the reality of how the world is working right now. Meditating is an efficient way of doing this as you help your mind and body relax. Taking a few minutes every day to meditate will also help you have a peaceful day.

Online learning has been a hard experience for students all over the world. Everyone’s body and mind is different, and it’s up to you to understand what exactly fuels your body and how to make the best out of the situation. Whether that be going out or staying home, it’s always important to do what feels best for your mind, body and soul.

Krishika Jethani

Toronto MU '23

Hi! My name is Krishika and I am a student at Toronto Metropolitan University. I am currently in the Creative Industries program studying Fashion and Journalism. I have a passion for writing and dream to someday become a journalist. I enjoy singing and watching Gilmore Girls in my free time! <3