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Tips to take care of yourself during a busy semester

The semester is an incredibly busy time for most of us and with assignments, exams, org obligations, etc stress can become a big part of our daily lives. With that being said, it is incredibly important to take care of your health as you are always your first priority. 

Here are some tips to help alleviate stress and make you feel more confident in taking care of yourself.

  1. Take 15 minutes during the day to just stop and check in with yourself. This is actually incredibly helpful as it causes you to slow down and take a minute to be alone with your thoughts and feelings. Ask yourself how you’re feeling and take a few deep breaths.
  2. Go on a walk – Getting light exercise is another way to calm the mind and do something good for your body. Listening to calming music on a walk can help you get in a better headspace and make it easier to get back on task later.
  3. Journaling – Keeping track of your thoughts is another great way to slow down your mind and get it out on paper. It can be a great way just to reflect on what’s going through your head and where you are mentally.

All in all, you know yourself and what works for you. Remember to take breaks and it’s okay to have rest time when needed.

I am a third year at the University of Texas at Austin. I am currently studying Asian Languages and Cultures as well as Music Performance. I love making music, doing my makeup, and exploring places to eat.
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