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Signs You’re Living an Unhealthy Life

Your 20s are meant for loads of things; studying, adventures, partying, school and once in a lifetime opportunities. Throw in a few bad decisions and your 20s couldn’t even be more storybook. As cliche as it sounds, nobody has ever experienced the perfect 20s. The stress of being adult, being in a relationship, school, work, family and friends can be an otherworldly bother. But, even then that stress is normal.

The 20-something experience can either be a hot mess or a well-painted masterpiece. With so many decisions and people counting on you, it’s beyond easy for anyone to be living an unhealthy lifestyle and not even know it. Odds are if you find yourself in any of these predicaments; your life is overdue for some serious upgrading.

Sign #1: You are always stressed.

There comes a time in every collegiate students career, when the effort of academia and maintaining your personal life causes stress. However, there’s even a point when that stress normalises and you become so used to the early classes, the tests and quizzes, your academic workload and a job (if you have one) that everything seems not so bad.

But, if you can’t remember a time where you weren’t stressing insanely and had a chance to properly breathe then odds are you’re doing your 20s wrong. Yes, stress is inevitable, but there’s a point where this become unhealthy.

The Remedy: This feeling of always being stressed can be fixed by simple prioritization. If you aren’t a person that’s into making lists, buy a planner. If you aren’t a person that’s into using a planner, make lists! If that doesn’t work for you, utilize that calendar on your phone for more than just remembering friend’s birthdays. Nothing in this world provides a better feeling than crossing something off your to-do list. Get your life in order by putting pen to paper and putting things in their proper place. Remedy your stress by setting deadlines and working ahead of schedule. Finally, don’t procrastinate; procrastination is everyone’s worst enemy.

Sign #2: Your significant other is life.

Everyone loves a good romance. And your 20s are just for that! However, a lot of people don’t understand that relationships take immense responsibility. But, if you spend most of your relationship arguing or emotionally drained, then you’re doing it wrong. Relationships should be effortless, the love should flow naturally, but if you constantly find yourself knee-deep in arguments or with a generally uncomfortable feeling, then leave! Everybody wants those dream-like, storybook relationships that’ll make the Twittersphere jealous, but even those take responsibility and personal accountability to make them seem effortless. If your life outside of the relationship is not being handled responsibly, then odds are you aren’t ready for a relationship.


If you find yourself talking to your significant other more so than you do studying or progressing your occupational career, then that’s blantaly unhealthy. Girl, what are you doing?! We all love the occasional warm body to sleep next to, sex, and the feeling of being loved. Love yourself more. Love the possibilities of what you can be more so than you love the other person. Your significant other can realistically leave at any time, your books and studies cannot.

Your significant other should not be your life and that’s just a fact.

The Remedy: Set rules and boundaries. Prioritization is once again key. If your relationship is consistently tumultuous then have a heart to heart with your significant other. Give it time and if in that space of time things don’t change, then they need to go.  Nobody’s stress is worth your future.

Sign #3: Your life has no direction.

Youur friend tells you about this amazing opportunity they just got. How do you feel? Are you jealous? Are you genuinely happy for them? Do you find yourself comparing their life to yours?

Are you confident and proud of where you are in life? Are you actively taking steps to make your dream happen? These questions should honestly answer themselves.

The Remedy: Take everyday as an opportunity to further yourself as who you want to be. Simple.

Sign #4: You always start projects but never finish them.

What’s the point? Why waste your time (and money)? Create a good, productive habit by finishing everything you start. If you’re washing dishes and you can’t find it in yourself to scrub that last pot, suck it up, pull up ya big girl panties and wash that dang pot. Finishing projects and activities, no matter how small, big or tumultuous, will transfer into other parts of your life.

The Remedy: Finish something. Need I say more?

Life is full of ups and downs. And, it’s even sadder that most of those up and downs take place in the melodramatic 20s. Remedy your life, girl! Prioritization can help to alleviate so much mental, emotional and physical stress. Live your life in preparation of the woman you hope to become or the career woman you hope to be.

Hi! My name is Breona and I am a college student at the University of Texas at Austin. I am beyond friendly, so if you ever see me or want to hang out, don't feel afraid to message me at [email protected] . I am honored to be writing for HerCampus as I am consistently plagued with many ideas, short stories, a writings that'll help any woman (or man) pave their way through college. I am addicted to Twizzlers, allergic to chocolate, am multi-lingual and full of interesting stories. And, yes. I am serious.
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