Remember That Thing Called Net Neutrality

In December of 2017, the Federal Communications Commission voted to kill net neutrality. Ring any bells? That may be because HCTX covered this news before the vote happened. But in case you missed it, net neutrality was an Obama era policy that made the internet an even playing field for all contenders. It prohibited providers from blocking, throttling or paid prioritization which is fast connection for those sites that pay the providers for their service and slow connection for everyone else.


Also in case you missed it, the FCC voted to kill net neutrality meaning the internet has the potential to no longer be an even playing field and that providers like Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner and AT&T now have the potential to charge more for faster service thus created fast and slow lanes among creating other new possible internet policies.


After the vote immediate legal battle began with the count up to 21 states and Washington D.C. who are suing to repeal the changes but no one has felt any kind of alteration to the internet thus far. The FCCs decision could allow internet providers to make changes to the way users consume the internet however no changes have made thus far. Comcast has also claimed to have “no plans” to create fast lanes and that it “will not” block or slow sites down, but everything is TBD.

In light of this Burger King has decided to educate consumers on the possibilities of this new non-level internet playing field utilizing its famous Whopper. The only catch is, if you want your Whopper in a timely manner it will cost you… $25.99. In case you didn’t know, a regular Whopper is about $4.99. For the purposes of this explanation, there was also a mid speed Whopper offered for $12.99.


So in case you are still a little lost on this whole net neutrality thing or how hamburgers have anything to do with the internet, check out BK’s video which will hopefully clear things up for you.