Put a Finger Down if You Had to Unfollow Someone Because They Didn’t Believe in Basic Human Rights

Amidst this past week, I have come to see many people’s true colors. And while I will sound very harsh, I want everyone to know that if you feel any type of way about what I am about to say…it says a lot about the privilege you have. 

Approaching election day, I came across many people who needless to say would rather vote for a man because of “taxes”…nothing else…just taxes, (I don’t understand what the weird affinity of protecting the rich is), and who don’t know how to separate Church from state. But nevertheless, let me tell you a bit more about how I maintained my mental health after realizing a few of my acquaintances turned out to be not who I expected. 

Not all relationships are bad! Well at least the ones that don’t support white supremacy. Any who, I confided in my significant other a lot. Aiden has been my rock during this whole election. Listening to my rants, educating himself, bringing up counter points and educating me even at times. My dog Kane and my boyfriend Aiden are the reason I was able to control my anxiety. 

I stayed off social media as much as I could. I began to notice I had a niche for aggravating the Right Wingers. And while I’m proud of the work I have done with hosting educational conversations, I noticed that my heart would uncomfortably race and my whole body would shake after they would say something downright outrageous! My mental health was crippling right in front of me and for what? To try and argue with ignorance? I would be the definition of insane to sit and argue with someone not looking to be educated. 

Going outside, walking my dog, watching movies and eating all the comfort food known to man can do the heart wonders. I think I’ve eaten more in the last week than I have in the whole month of October. I found that distracting myself with little hobbies outside of my four walls helped relax my body. It is really calming, and in a sense allowed me to clear my mind. 

The election has caused so much stress for many people and it’s so important to take the time needed to just unplug and recharge even if it’s for an hour a day! I know you guys were expecting a dramatic ending to my series and no worries! I’ll be back to catch you guys up next week! 


With love,