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I am at the point in the semester where I am burnt out, which I am sure many can relate to. Typically the last stride in the semester is the most challenging because classes are finishing up with finals, last-minute presentations, and papers on top of the close proximity to summer break. It can be exhausting, and to be completely honest, this past year has been exhausting for numerous reasons. There was a global pandemic that took a toll on nearly every person, a civil rights movement uprise, economic downfall, and on top of that, all that has occurred in everyone’s personal life. From family connections to friendships to work-life, there has been a great number of stressors. I am making this article to offer assurance to those reading that it is entirely OK to feel mentally drained. You survived a lot. You are capable of surviving even more. I, too, need that reassurance that I am doing just fine and it is OK to not be OK. If you are reading this, just know that you are doing great! Wear your mask, wash your hands, stand up for what you believe in, and conquer these last few weeks of coursework. 

Lauren is a Junior studying Government and Economics at the University of Texas. An avid coffee drinker and sushi fanatic, Lauren enjoys exploring the city, attending concerts, and discovering new music. Aside from writing, in her free time she can be seen reading, having weekly movie nights, and spending time with friends and family.
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