How To Start a Semester on the Right Track

As this semester is closing (thankfully), we have the next semester to look forward to. Here are some tips on how to start the semester off well to make the year a little easier.

  1. Look at what textbooks you need. Most professors will already tell you which books are required but you can also ask other students who have taken the course or check a site like ratemyprofessors to see students account if you need the book. It is always good to have some books for the first day of class or at least have in mind how much money you need to save to get those lovely textbooks.

  1. Look at the syllabus and have a planner or calendar to mark some of the important dates. Keep in mind these might change but it is always good to have a general idea. Plus you can see how to class will be run and how many tests you'll have.

  2. Try a new club! Or just something new in general. Explore a part of your college that maybe you haven't before whether it be finding new spots to hang or new resources. Make sure to have something that lets you de-stress!

  1. Make some new year's resolutions and have small goals that you know you can accomplish throughout the semester. Exercising can seem tough to keep up with on top of everything but it can be a great de-stresser.

  2. When it's class time...don't skip class! I know it can be easy to just sleep in or if you are behind in another class to skip another but that can create a nasty cycle. Just try to go to class as much as possible!

We can only hope that using these things will hopefully make your semester end well also. But... let’s face it we will still probably end up like this: