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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

New York, the place where “dreams come true.” New York is the desired city for many careers from journalism, business, advertising, you name it. Lucky for us University of Texas students, UT has a program that gives us the opportunity to study and intern in New York for a semester.

I was recently accepted into the UTNY for fall 2023, and while this is such a privilege, I worked hard for it. In this article, I’m going to tell you step-by-step exactly how I got into UTNY.

1. I Built My Resume

I didn’t build my resume just to get into UTNY, but to get experience in general. Having multiple organizations within my desired field of work definitely helped make me stand out. As a sophomore journalism major, I have been involved in The Daily Texan, Hook’d Magazine, Her Campus, and University Fashion Group. All of these organizations have helped me gain more experience, grow as a writer, and expand my resume. If you don’t have as much experience, don’t be discouraged because they do accept some less experienced students, you just may have to work harder to stand out. Other ways you could fill up your resume could be to include academic projects or articles you’re proud of, depending on your major.

2. I Attended UTNY Info Sessions

At these info sessions, they’re not only telling you all about the program, but they tell you what you need to do before you submit your application to ensure it’s as perfect as it can be. I went to these info sessions, took notes, and spoke to the coordinators after to get my questions answered. Asking questions also showed I was interested and dedicated to the program. To go even further, I went to drop-in UTNY advising, which gave me even more one-on-one time to learn about the program and how I could perfect my application.

3. I Wrote About My Personal Goals and Accomplishments

You only get about 400 words to showcase why you’re so deserving of this program, so use it wisely. In my intro, I spoke about my aspirations of living in New York and the kinds of companies I was interested in interning for. It’s important to showcase that you have a goal and purpose for going to New York. Next, I spoke about my experiences within the organizations I have been a part of, highlighting how they have helped me prepare for a semester in New York. I specifically wrote about how I’ve grown as a writer and the skills I’ve gained through the organizations. I also focused on organizations I had the most experience and have dedicated more time and energy to. I discussed how The Daily Texan has helped me with my interviewing skills and Hook’d has given me a leadership opportunity as the principal director of written publications. Finally, I wrapped things up by stating how UTNY would be a step into the door to my future career. This essay is your moment to shine, show them what’s special about you.

4. Finally, I got My Resume and Essay Reviewed Multiple Times

Getting your resume and essay reviewed by your school’s career center is one of the tips they give at the info sessions. Be sure to do this because they can tell if you don’t. This helped me SO MUCH! Not only did I get them reviewed by the career center, but I got my essay and resume reviewed three times each overall. First, I went to the Moody Writing Center, which helped me with the structure and organization of both my resume and essay. Then I got my essay reviewed for a second time by a trusted professor, which enhanced my essay’s quality immensely. Shout out to Professor Diana Dawson, she’s amazing! Next, I went to the Moody Career Center to get another pair of eyes on my resume, which I’m so glad I did because I was using the wrong template. By the time I went back to the career center to get my resume and essay reviewed a third time, they were so impressed. 

UTNY is a competitive program, but if you work hard, use your resources, and communicate with the coordinators, you have a high chance of getting in. UTNY only picks those who they think will do well in the New York work field, so if you get accepted, you’re doing great.

Emily Harrison is a journalism junior with a minor in global management at the University of Texas at Austin. She loves fashion, writing and activism. Her career aspiration is to be a fashion journalist. Emily will be covering topics within fashion, beauty, lifestyle and wellness.