How to Add “Me Time” to Your Course Schedule

How to Add “Me Time” to Your Course Schedule


As students are settling into the school year, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of essays and readings. The line between a personal life and school life can become a blur as you tend to put yourself on the back burner for the sake of a good GPA. It is important , however, to remember to do little things for yourself, so here are some ideas on how to stay in good spirits.

Read something

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I know the idea of adding more readings to your life seems ridiculous, but dedicating time to what you’re interested in is important. It doesn’t have to be a novel. Maybe there’s an old childhood book you used to love or a magazine subscription you want to get back into. Regardless of your interests, there’s something out there for you to explore.

Connect with friends

As an introvert, the last thing I want to do after class is hang out with people, but it good to have relationships outside classrooms. Friends allow you to realize you aren’t alone in issues and going out can give you a breather from the campus scene. Hanging out doesn't mean you have to leave your home. Stay in and cook dinner, have a karaoke party, or just do nothing. .Maybe call or text someone you haven’t spoken to or write a letter. It is nice to maintain a support group to laugh away worries with.  

Treat Yourself


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It’s an age old concept, but a valuable one. Take time to pamper yourself with a mini facial shesh or buying those shoes that have been waiting in your cart. Planning for the future and working towards goals is not a small feat, so celebrate. Do something  for yourself maybe because you passed that test or for just for making it to your 8 am all week. No accomplishment is too small for acknowledgement. Besides who needs an excuse to spoil themselves anyway?

Try Something New

After a while, college can make you feel like you’re in a never-ending rut. You wake up, maybe eat, go to class, and then back to sleep if you’re lucky. This routine can make days seems dull, so switch it up every now and then. Join a club. Take a new path to class. Try some new food. Just do something that add spark to your  life because four years at the same place doing the sames things can bore the life out of anyone.

Start Journaling


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You know those times when you’re laying in bed and all of a sudden you think about some embarrassing thing or panic about a deadline you thought you missed? Journaling is a great tool for needs. Whether it’s for writing down your thoughts, planning , or just doodling as a creative outlet, journaling allow you to communicate ideas that may be hard to say. The same way you de-clutter a room, our brains can handle so much. Taking time with just pen and paper can give you some much needed “me time” for reflection


With busy schedules it can feel like you’re constantly running around just trying to get your life together. The last thing on your mind may be to add something else to your day, but just taking a few moments for yourself can make all the difference. Use college to learn not just about biology, but about yourself. Besides, they say these are some of the best times in life, so save some stress for after graduation.