The Holy Grail Guide for an Introvert's Mind

Are you introverted? Or just shy? Do you get sweaty palms at the thought of public speaking or need an “alone day” to reenergize yourself after a day of socializing? Maybe both? Well I have a book for you that will lead you to answers to your questions of why you are the way that you are and even answer questions you never thought you had!


Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain is a must read for the introverts and shy. Even if you aren’t and are just interested it is a great read into the mind of introverts and the extroverts alike. It begins with a simple quiz asking questions to chart your introversion. But when you pick up this book you probably already know what you identify yourself with. But who knows your answers might surprise you!

In the beginning, it may be scary to identify with introversion since extroversion seems to be the ideal image. In media, movies, even in day to day life you see the funky, loud, extroverted people and you go…”I wanna be like that.” But the point Cain makes is that you need to accept the introversion and actually learn how to utilize it for an added benefit that no extrovert or ambivert will have. This book is super relatable and empowering if you have any part of you that is introverted.


No more “Fake it till you make it” least not always. Sad part is that we still live in a world ( and especially if you live in the United States) where extroversion has been ingrained in our culture. However, as introverts  we have some secret powers. For example: we are sensitive, which makes us great leaders, as we can listen to others and access situations. So that debunks the idea that you have to be the loudest in the room to take charge.

If you’re thinking, “what no I can’t do that,” chances are you might actually be shy and not introverted (although you could be both). First step is to find out what you are then you can delve into how to “fix” your shyness. You might not be able to completely control the social anxieties but there are ways that this can be changed/helped to make social situations less of a burden. Then learn the power of introversion!

I can go on and on about the benefits this book had on me but I feel like everyone should experience it for themselves as it gives great advice not only how to use your introversion to the best of its abilities but also when it is okay to fake the extroversion (also how). Just know that because you're introverted or shy you aren't doomed, you just might need a shining light on the benefits of introversion. I will leave you with a tip of the Introversion Queen herself, Susan Cain!