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Five Easy Ways to Romanticize Your Life to Feel Like *That Girl*

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

Being a young adult is not for the weak. Whether we’re struggling through university, job searching, or just buying groceries for the week, everything feels intense at our age. The most important way that I have found to relieve stress is by romanticizing every moment. Here are some of my favorite ways to romanticize my average college life. 

  1. Cooking three meals a day

I know this can be difficult in college if you live in a dorm, but for my apartment people, cooking three simple meals a day makes me feel healthy and happy in my own body. I recently discovered how good fueling my body with whole foods instead of takeout makes me feel. 

  1. Wine glasses 

Even if you aren’t 21, drinking out of a wine glass is sure to make you feel sophisticated. Drinking anything out of a wine glass is an experience, but my favorite beverage is juice or kombucha. 

  1. Spend time outside 

Being locked indoors all day makes me feel secluded, and I’ve found that too much alone time reduces my long-term social battery. I try to get outside every day, whether that means taking a 10-minute walk or soaking up the sun on my apartment’s rooftop. Those of us with no work/school boundaries can also take our laptops with us! 

  1. *That* shower

My *that* shower consists of even more than the average person’s. Along with hair washing and shaving, I like to oil my scalp and give myself a scalp massage, light candles inside the shower and bring a shower beverage with me (usually pressed juice). 

  1. Fresh flowers

This is an obvious one, but a few of my tips for fresh flowers on a college budget are getting them from Trader Joe’s and choosing carnations! They last super long and are some of my favorites.

Hi! I'm Katie and I'm a junior psychology major here at UT Austin. I love reading, self care and my cat, Cleo!