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Hi friends,

Last week, I wrote about a pretty sad topic- my grandmother’s passing. While I want to write about something a lot more lighthearted this week, I’m still feeling somewhat nostalgic. That’s why I chose to write about one of my most favorite seasons- fall. 

There’s something incredibly refreshing about this season. While many people associate New Year’s with new beginnings and a fresh start, to me, that’s what autumnal months feel like. You’ve just had the summer to take a mental and physical break, so as classes start up again and the temperatures begin to drop, the wind begins to blow, you’re able to walk throughout your classes feeling a lot more whole than when you left them in May. And this fresh new feeling is absolutely necessary because while fall is wonderful for a lot of things, it also has some drawbacks. Tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way, but do midterms and exam season feel the hardest during the fall semester? I can’t think of a spring or summer semester when I’ve had multiple exams back-to-back-to-back or had this constant, overwhelming feeling of pressure to study. As I write this, I actually have about three midterms next week that I’m absolutely dreading, so please keep me in your thoughts.

But you know what makes up for all of that stress and anxiety? To me, literally everything else. The smell and taste of apple cider and cinnamon everywhere and on everything. The tacky yet endearing pumpkin and flannel decor. Finally being able to wear comfy sweaters, leggings, and sweatpants all the time. Ooooh, and nighttime hay bale rides where you’re wrapped in a blanket, sipping hot cocoa, and telling scary stories!! 

Uhm, yeah, so tell me you’re from Texas without telling me you’re from Texas.

Anyway, speaking of scary stories, Halloween. Yes, many people’s favorite holiday including most college students. See, by the time Halloween rolls around, everyone is done with midterms. That feeling of freedom brings so much energy throughout college campuses; I don’t think I’ve ever seen students party harder than on Halloween weekend and I don’t think I’ve ever seen more creativity come to life than when broke college students hand make their costumes. The piece de resistance? The fact that 5 lb bags of candy are sold and as an adult, you’re expected to buy at least two of them (doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give it out to the children if you know what I mean). Honestly, if Christmas didn’t have such a nostalgic grasp on my heart and soul, Halloween just might be my favorite holiday. 

While my love for fall prompted me to write this without any real purpose, I think I’m somehow going to end this article with some purpose in the form of a motivational message. I know many of y’all may be struggling with classes, exams, and university right about now, but just know that there’s so much to look forward to after the end of those exams! Study hard, so that you can enjoy all the benefits of fall fully. Study hard, so that you can party harder (safely of course there is still a pandemic!!)

As always, I hope you enjoyed this week’s article and I’ll catch ya in the next!!



Hi! My name is Delphi (pronounced del-fee) and I'm a junior studying psychology and business administration at the University of Texas at Austin. My passions have always included helping people and I joined HerCampus with that sole intention. I believe we all feel alone sometimes and I think that sharing my experiences, thoughts, and emotions might help some of y'all as well as me not feel so lonely. If anything, I just hope that my articles can make you smile a little bit or even laugh. I love writing about mental health, self-care, and romance, so expect to get a little personal when reading my articles!
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