The Best Study Spots at the University of Texas at Austin

I went on a journey for two weeks searching for the best study spots around town, and I am glad to say I have found a few! No matter where you like to study, inside or out, loud or quiet, there is a place you can find that will be your second home for those exam times.



  1. Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL)

Although this might seem like a no brainer there are some things you should know about the PCL. One it is very quiet specifically on the floors 1,2,3,4, and 6; they are designated quiet areas. However, you can reserve rooms to collaborate with others (you could just go in one but be courteous of others if they have the room reserved) as well as go into the Learning Labs or University Writing Center areas after there are no classes on the first floor. If you like dead silence or the rooms for group study the PCL is great option for you.


  1. Holland Family Student Center

This is in the GRE (Geoscience building), there is a little cafe and lounge with large windows that also face outside study seating areas. Great if you have a class nearby but the SAC is packed and if you do not mind (or like) quiet chatter as you get work done. If you do want a quiet area, a quiet study room is located adjacent to the Holland Family Student Center! Also, this is a great place if you need a quick coffee spot!



  1. Student Activity Center (SAC) 2nd Floor

Speaking of the SAC, although the first floor can get crowded quickly ,if you go upstairs there are many places one can find a nice place to study. If you like a little noise but not too much of the sounds of the first floors (especially during lunch time), this is a great balance. Plus on the second floor, located above the SAC Starbucks, you will find some wooden stairs, which are known to be a fantastic nap spot. I mean, we all need a little nap after some hard studying.


  1. Kinsolving: Gallery of Great Texas Women

If you are on the other side of campus, have no fear! You can stop by Kinsolving DIning Hall or Market after a good time of studying in their Gallery of Great Texas Women. Printers and computer labs are also available here! There is one at the entrance of the Dining Hall and another on the opposite side. Plus, on the side near the Dining Hall, there’s a piano, where people often practice. I personally think it is very nice to hear live music while studying!


  1. Norman Hackerman Building (NHB)

This is a great outdoor place, with many sitting areas to chill out on right in the middle of campus.


  1. College of Liberal Arts (CLA) and Sky Bridge