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I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for new apps to help improve my life and make things more efficient. Below, you’ll see Apps that have made a difference to me that I think everyone should check out!


Flo – Period Tracker

https://flo.health/ (Available on Android and Apple devices)

I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and my periods can be extremely painful and irregular. By tracking my menstrual cycle through Flo, I am able to better predict when I’m going to have my menstrual cycle and identify trends. You can record your weight, sleep, and water intake along with identifying mood changes, symptoms, and so much more! It’s very helpful when I speak to my gynecologist because I hardly ever remember those important details that help her manage my care!


Flora- Focus Habit Tracker

https://apple.co/2MtLdLW (Available on Apple devices)

This app is incredibly useful because it helps keep you on track with studying and breaks. I’m notorious for getting caught up with other things during studying and this app helps keep me focused. You grow a little tree while studying. If you leave the app, your tree dies. You can also set up that if you break from the app you make a donation! Not much motivates me aside from the idea that I might pay for something with no return!


Serial Reader

https://www.serialreader.org/ (Available on Android and Apple devices)

This app is useful when I have a classic book to read for class. It breaks the novels down so they become more manageable to read. Best of all? The app and books are both FREE! I used this app to read Dracula for my UGS course!



https://www.tunity.com/ (Available on Android and Apple devices)

This app is really unique! It allows you to listen to live television that’s playing on a muted TV. Do you want to hear the news while eating dinner at JCL? Scan the TV and then you can listen to the audio through your cell phone! Are you at Pluckers and want to hear the announcers on a certain screen? Boom! At the airport? Scan it! Free to use and majorly useful though you might not think so at first!



https://paribus.co/ (Available on Android and Apple devices)

Paribus is more than an app, really, but I utilize it through my phone so I decided to share anyway! It’s a helpful way to save money on online purchases. You connect your email address and the app scans your emails to look for receipts and savings. If a price falls but you’ve already made a purchase, they’ll contact the company to see if you’re eligible for a refund! I’ve saved money several times using this app and I highly recommend it!


I hope these apps bring some helpfulness to your life!

Mandy Burt

Texas '21

Mandy is a senior studying at the Moody College of Communication.
I am a third year English major hoping to become a book editor. I have been writing for HerCampus for one year, and am excited to work as a Co-Editor this year. I love reading and staying home with my cat, Luna.