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4 Must-Have Items To Have With You On Campus During The Winter Time

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

Everyone’s favorite time of the year is finally here- but that does not mean some of us are thriving. Something about a Texas winter makes even the slightest breeze feel like you are in the arctic tundra. I feel discombobulated every time this part of the year comes around and the emergency items in my bag have to change like the weather. For instance, I usually keep a handheld fan with me in my bag since walking this campus without one is impossible. However, now i’m throwing this out and replacing it with a portable hand warmer. Keep reading to see more winter must-haves.

1. Portable Hand Warmer

This rechargeable hand warmer is a must-have for those who hate gloves. Sometimes the weather outside is beautiful and you can’t help but want to sit outside and complete some work. However, if you’re anything like me, my hands suffer the most when trying to type on a computer in this chilly weather. This portable hand warmer is a lifesaver.

2. Chapstick

I’m serious when I say this, but this could be the most important thing on this list. Somehow I always forget to carry chapstick with me and I end up suffering throughout the day. Chapped lips can seriously ruin your entire day. You have to make sure you’re hydrated even in the winter time.

3. Portable Blanket

If you have room for a blanket, you should really consider carrying one with you. Some of my professors have hit the end-of-the-semester slump and have decided to play mostly movies during class periods, meaning it is the perfect time to bring a blanket with you to class. Also, spending time at the library or studying for finals with a blanket makes it just a little bit cozier.

4. Fleece Lined Leggings

With winter comes the need to switch your entire wardrobe around. However, sometimes this makes being comfy on campus a hassle. I recommend fleece-lined leggings as they provide warmth and comfort without being too bulky. They are a lifesaver that no one really knows about.

Ameera Ozzie is currently a senior attending the University of Texas at Austin. She is a Public Relations major who enjoys learning about all things social media-related and keeping up with entertainment news. With dreams and aspirations of working with high-fashion companies on their Public Relations teams, Ameera hopes to make an impact on the world no matter what she is doing.