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12 Songs To Let Out Your Feminine Rage

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

A meticulously curated playlist dedicated to all the women who are angry with the world.

Women’s History Month is upon us and in honor of this, I’ve created a playlist to let you scream, shout, and yell about all the misogyny in the world. All the women who came before us have most likely suffered in one way or another because of sexism. From being told that “women belong in the kitchen” or they “ are born to be mothers.” While nothing is wrong with being a housewife or a mother, to be held back by this culture is wrong. Women can be anything they want, forget what society says about women’s biology and how they are all ‘wired’ to be dutiful, submissive, and nurturing. Women are not property, they belong to themselves and no one else. The songs I have assembled represent things that I believe encapsulate how women can feel on a daily basis.

“Ladylike / WHATTA B*TCH” BY The Regrettes

Whenever I listen to this song, it feels like an interlude to prejudice. I’ve been told before to be “ladylike,” but what if my definition of “ladylike” is to not be “soft” and “learn to cook”?

“Ain’t Sh*t” – Doja Cat

The line that always gets me in this song is “I’m not your mommy.” I’m not my significant other’s mom. It’s not my job to clean up after them.

“Celebrity SKIN” BY Hole

The song “Celebrity Skin” is such a classic! It reminds me of when I was in high school and I was obsessed with wearing makeup every day because it was the only time I got compliments. I was so obsessed with creating the perfect image of myself at that time.

“F*ck You” By Lily Allen

I think the title speaks for itself, but I can think back on all the times when I was either talked over or belittled. The upbeat sound of this song just makes me want to get up and dance despite the meaning of it.

“Nightmare” by Halsey

I love this song! Especially when I first heard Halsey sing, “Come on, little lady, give us a smile.” When I was on a trip for my high school band, I remember walking into the bus and being told by the male bus driver, “you should smile more.”

“Care” by beabadoobee

This song makes me think of when my professor during my sophomore year of college could have cared less about my thoughts on the assignment. There are so many moments I could describe when I’ve been met with such little disinterest in what I have to offer.

“I Hate U” by SZA

I’ve never been in a relationship. However, I have observed relationships that my friends and family are in. I just think my friends and my the women in my family deserve so much better.

“The Man” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s song “The Man,” is so iconic, because if I was a man, I’d be the man. I think I would go through life with ease and without so much worry.

“STFU!” by Rina Sawayama

This song is so good. It’s what I feel when I hear someone being incredibly rude or saying something that’s really disgusting.

“Just a Girl” by No Doubt 

Another classic song in my opinion. This song was a big part of my childhood and upbringing in general. I would always come back to this one song whenever someone made me feel incompetent.

“King” BY Florence + the Machine

When this song came out it was on repeat for weeks for me! I feel like I’m the hero in a fairytale, not a princess—especially not a damsel in distress. I am a king, not a mother, and not a bride.

“Seashore” BY The Regrettes

One of my favorite songs. A lot of the time women are perceived as ‘weak’ and as a woman myself, I definitely don’t think women are weak. Women are not helpless. I am not helpless, because I can help myself.

Madisyn Treviño (she/her) is a Rhetoric and Writing major and is serving her first year at Her Campus at Texas. She is passionate about writing, women's rights, Taylor Swift, rom-coms, discussing intersectionality, and 90s fashion. You can find more of her work on the student-run radio station, KVRX, website. IG: @0hmadi