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Do you ever just feel like you need a double shot of espresso in your latte just to get you through your day? You have so many things to get done, and time just isn’t on your side. We tend to motivate ourselves by saying, “oh, if I get this done this week, I can relax over the weekend, and I will be energized for next week.” This can easily be a way we slip into a cycle of constant stress, worrying, exhaustion and burnout.

Burnout is so common for us to hit if we continue to work hard and not be self-aware of our health. Whether you are a hard worker, have experienced significant life changes, can’t find a sleep pattern, and are dealing with school, these are all surface levels causing burnout.

Here are some tips that can help prevent burnout:

1. Be unapologetic

2. Limit how often you check your email and social media

3. Limit how often you make yourself available

4. It’s okay to say no to commitments and projects you sign up for.

5. Prioritize sleep

Don’t forget you can set boundaries and limits for what you can control. Setting boundaries does not make you a bad student, employee, boss, or friend. It is a wise thing to do and healthy for yourself. Your future self will thank you for it.

Hi, My name is Melissa Gonzalez, and I am currently a Senior this year! I am a Business Management Major! I am also this year Her Campus Correspondent and Social Media Director for UTPB Student Money Management Association. I love all things girly, pink, and trendy! I enjoy being around others and learning new things. I'm so excited to be a part of being an amazing uplifting women community at UTPB!
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