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I Tried a Pole Dancing Workout Class and I’m Obsessed

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Sick of the gym? Look no further than your nearest pole dancing fitness studio for your new workout obsession.  

So, you’re dreading your next visit to the gym. I was, too. Then, I was invited to try a pole dancing fitness class. The next thing I know, the untraditional workout has become my new obsession. Here’s my experience. 

On the evening of September 8th, I joined a beginner pole dancing class at Flaunt Fitness: a fitness center in the heart of South Philadelphia. The studio, which has been operating since 2012, has many classes to offer ranging from pole dancing to flexibility and even aerial. 

The class was led by an instructor, Cassie, who immediately affirmed every class participant that the studio is a safe space for all genders and identities. Immediately, we were led into some warmups as R&B blared on the studio’s speakers. We learned upwards of seven “moves” and combined them all at the end with some additional freestyle to complete a one-minute choreographed routine. Participants were given the opportunity to record the final routine to keep for themselves or show to friends. 

My experience at the class was not only fun, it was hard. A common misconception about pole dancing is that it is simply sexy, easy, and that anyone can do it seamlessly. Although anyone can start pole dancing and it is easily made adaptable to any level, it is extremely difficult to achieve an expert level. This level not only takes years of practice but extreme fitness capacity. 

News 24 discusses the benefits of pole dancing, which range from balance to cardiovascular health. By trading hours at the gym in turn for the pole dancing studio, you’re not forfeiting any fitness benefits. In fact, many pole dancers argue that they’ve felt their personal best while doing pole versus traditional exercise. 

The benefits do not end here. Irmingard Mayer, a professional pole dancer, discusses the mental health benefits of pole dancing as well. She explains that the artform and fitness activity has the capability to improve self-confidence, body image, and help connect your body and mind– both in a sexy way or not. The best thing about pole dancing fitness classes is that they are not for anyone else besides you! 

Go try out a pole dancing class, you won’t regret it. 

Taylor is currently a freshman Journalism major at Temple University. Outside of school, you can find her rewatching tv shows, cooking chili, or dancing.