Elda Sinani: The Girl Boss We Didn't Know We Needed

Elda Sinani isn’t “like the rest of them,” to put it simply. It’s not every day you see a college student so motivated to stay on top of more than just getting to the frat party on time. Sinani is a freshman at Temple University with a major in marketing. Within a few minutes of sitting down with her, her attitude is a refreshing balance of serious yet fun. Sinani shows leadership in the Professional Sales Organization and is a student ambassador for Victoria’s Secret PINK on campus.

She’s balancing more than anyone expects from the average college student while staying motivated, but how? How can one handle the stress of the day-to-day college struggles and still kill it in her social life and career goals? After sitting down with her, I was able to figure out that her drive comes from her past, personality, and maintaining a healthy state of mind.

Sinani gets inspiration from her hardworking parents. After moving here from Albania when she was just nine years old with very little, she saw how much her parents had to sacrifice to give her a normal childhood and education. She constantly reminds herself how lucky she is by writing three things she's grateful for every day.

“I really just want to make my parents proud with everything I do,” said Sinani. “I grew up watching them work three jobs just so my brother and I could have a good life and have the things we wanted, so I want to show them how grateful I am through working my hardest and being successful.”  

Sinani is also keeping up her A-game for future employers through Instagram! Sinani has transformed her Instagram into a professional media platform to show off her passion for fashion and photography. Considering most of us are nearing adulthood and most future employers are looking at social media accounts more, Sinani suggests deleting all of our older photos and replacing them with things that we’re passionate about to show people what we can do! Turn social media from something distracting to help you reach your goals. Already, Sinani has gotten opportunities from companies for internships just through her Instagram profile!


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With all of the stress, it may be easy to crumble under pressure and watch hours of Netflix, but Sinani emphasized the importance of scheduling time for yourself so it's easier to get back on the grind. Doing simple things to refocus can really make the difference during school.

“I give myself a couple hours a day, if I can, to do maybe a honey face mask, journal about my day to relieve stress, and Netflix,” said Sinani. “Journaling really helps me stay focused on my goals, but I like being busy because it helps me keep on track and motivated. I love the hustle.”

Although Sinani is unclear of exactly what she wants to do in the field of business, she still continues to thrive. Sinani is “goals,” and if you’re looking for motivation in the extreme cold sit down and talk to a go-getter like her!

Photos courtesy of @ellldaaa on Instagram.

–Olivia Falcone