Ways to Take Care of YOU

With the start of the new school year, meeting up with old friends and adventuring out into challenging classes keeps all of us fully preoccupied. As the semester has just begun, it is important to remeber about taking care of yourself. We all are guilty of sometimes forgetting to take time out of the day and focus on our well-being, whether that is eating healthy meals or just finding ways to unwind. It is quite easy to get lost in classes, friends and extracurricular activities throughout college, but it is way more important to care for yourself in order to be successful and content. Here is a list of vital self-care tips to improve your well-being this school year!

1. Treat your planner as your best friend

As long as we can remember, we have been using planners to organize every facet of our day from brushing our teeth to studying for exams. Having a planner makes it easier to plan the day, and allows you to optimize study time for classes. Make sure to include small 30 to 45 minute breaks in order to give yourself a rest before moving on to the next activity. We strongly believe that behind every successful student, is a highly organized planner!

2. Don’t forget to fuel your body come exam time

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not eating large enough portions of food to keep your stomach satisfied. Studying becomes hard when your stomach is growling and all you can think about is food. Therefore, to optimize food intake, you should carry fresh bananas or apples in your backpack, even Ziploc portions of trail mix and cereal to keep you fueled all day and never lose focus.

3. Find the time to exercise

When students have three exams and many papers due in a short period of time, exercise is the easiest activity to push back. However, no one should ever do this because exercise not only increases endorphins, which revitalizes mood, but also increases focus. Plus, it gives you a well-deserved break!

4. Treat yourself to a mini-spa daily

By the end of the day, the most relaxing thing to do is to put a facemask on- or even just wash your face with a cleanser. This simple action not only wakes you up, but also calms you down.

5. Meditation

Finally, the most important self-care tip is meditation. Setting aside just five to ten minutes a day to be with yourself and reflect on your emotional and mental state is all you need to revitalize your mood. Being at peace with yourself is the most important part about being successful in all facets of life.

Hope these tips help you take care of yourself during this school year!