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Self-Care Tips you can practice during Remote Learning/WFH

Going into this school year, it can be easy to be discouraged by the current situation our world is in. Having endless amounts of time to do whatever you want, such as binging Netflix or sleeping in, it’s hard to be motivated to practice new self-care habits. But, now more than ever it’s super important to make sure you give yourself the time to recharge in order to do your best work.

With any self-care tip, it’s important to acknowledge that self-care looks different for everyone and that’s okay. These tips are meant to be altered to fit your lifestyle. 

  1. Waking up early 

I know I sound like a broken record, but waking up early has significantly helped me with my own mental health. I think this can be incorporated into everyone’s lifestyle, as “early” can be different for everyone. But my biggest tip is that you should strive to wake up at a time where you feel you can accomplish anything you wish to during the day. 

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  1. Spending time outside

Especially during online schooling or working, spending time outside is vital in practicing good self-care. It can be easy to stay cooped up inside while WFH, but spending time outside (safely) can be great for a change of scenery. Even bringing your work out with you can be a great way to multitask while getting some Vitamin D.  

  1. Making plans with friends

During isolation it is extremely important to make time for friends and family. I understand this can be difficult during a pandemic, but in my experience it just takes a little more creativity to make plans where everyone can be safe. This can look like a zoom call with friends, or a socially distant hangout. 

  1. Finding a hobby or activity that you can do alone (or with people!)

Finding a new hobby can be great this fall with all the extra freetime. It’s also important to do something rewarding and fulfilling during school with many activities and extracurriculars being cancelled due to the pandemic.

  1. Creating a workstation that inspires you

The workstation you choose for WFH or online school is vital to your performance during this time. This area should inspire and motivate you. Including photos of friends and family, as well as motivation quotes could be very beneficial to your mental stability during long zoom calls or tedious assignments. 

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  1. Mindfulness

Be mindful during this period. Check in with yourself and the people around you. It’s completely normal to be stressed and anxious because you are out of your normal routine. Do things that make you happy, don’t stress too much over your work or school. And remember that everyone is learning during this unprecedented time.




Senior, Early Childhood/Special Education and English Major. 
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