Pinterest: A Go-To App

This summer, the app Pinterest became my new obsession. I have had it on my phone for some time now, but I finally started to understand how useful it could be.

Pinterest is a lifestyle app that allows its user to create different boards and collect pins about certain topics. The app has thousands of pins (which are basically links to websites with a photo attached) from a variety of categories. You can also scroll down on a pin that you like and the app will give you suggestions of other pins that you may want to include in your board.

For a college student, using Pinterest can be really helpful. For starters, you can use it to create the perfect board for everything you need (or want) for your dorm! Start by collecting pins of the perfect bedding, accent pillows, and even stuff for organizing your desk. You can also pin cool canvas ideas and ideas for creating the perfect photo collage.

Creating a board specifically for your style is also a great idea. You can pin outfits that you want to try to purchase or outfits you want to use as inspiration. I created a board called ‘My Closet’ and added ideas for outfits and even added pins of clothes that I already had. It becomes somewhat of a virtual closet and I use it all the time to plan out outfits I want to wear for certain days or events.

For students that are now living without a meal plan, you can create a board about delicious recipes you want to try out in your apartment/off campus house. You can even find pins specifically for a vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free lifestyle.

If you are into exercising, or maybe just want to start to achieve a healthier lifestyle, create a board dedicated to fitness. You can add workout challenge pins, workout routine pins, and of course cute workout clothes.

I personally think that Pinterest should be a go-to app for all. There are endless possibilities when using this app and I would highly recommend downloading it!