Carolina Gonzalez: Leader, Caregiver, Teacher

From a young age, Carolina always knew she wanted to be a teacher. “I used to make my friends play school with me and I’d be the teacher and give them actual work. It didn’t always go over well,” she says. Growing up, Carolina’s childhood aspirations didn’t waiver. Throughout high school she worked with children with disabilities and coached a Special Olympics swim team all by herself. Now, a junior in college, Carolina has come a long way from planning lessons for her friends. She has found ways to combine her passion for helping others with her love of teaching.


Carolina is majoring in special education and psychology at TCNJ. She is also a member of the Student New Jersey Education Association and Delta Phi Epsilon. She is also a caregiver to two young adults with Down syndrome. She assists them with chores at home, as well as getting them ready for work and school. “The individuals are like my family and I’m so glad for this opportunity which allows me to work with individuals in a more personal setting.”


Currently, Carolina is the Vice President of the Panhellenic Association. Right now she works closely with the judicial board by overseeing hearings and training new board members. Carolina has an especially busy semester as her team prepares for formal recruitment. “I believe that recruitment is a wonderful time for chapters to expand and new members to find their new home!”


Over the last year, Carolina has shadowed the current president of Panhel. Starting in the fall, Carolina will begin a new journey as Panhellenic president for the 2019-2020 school year.

Image: Carolina Gonzalez