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5 Things You Can Do Besides Scrolling Through Your Phone!

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Do you ever find yourself scrolling through TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for hours and hours with nothing else to do? Nowadays, it’s so easy to scroll through social media all day long. Here, I’ll share five other things you can do to ensure that your screen time goes down and your level of productivity goes up! 


Mediation is such a great way to deal with stress and anxiety. It helps with focusing and staying in the present moment. Meditation can be a bit intimidating at first, and that is why I recommend guided meditations. You can find tons of guided meditations on Youtube or meditation apps such as Calm and Headspace. It doesn’t matter if you meditate for thirty minutes or five minutes; It is still an amazing stress reliever! 

Reading a book

Put down the phone and pick up a book. I personally found it hard to enjoy reading for a while, but once I found book genres that were interesting to me, I was hooked. Instead of scrolling through your phone first thing in the morning, picking up a book, and reading for thirty minutes, it is such a more peaceful way of waking up in the morning. Some of my book recommendations to get you started would be What a Time to Be Alone by Chidera Eggerue and People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry. 


Whether it is writing down your thoughts, manifestations, or goals, journaling is a great activity. Journaling allows you to be in the present moment. It helps to get all of the thoughts inside your head out onto paper. My favorite journal is linked here


Doing yoga is such a calming experience that it can help to relieve stress. Yoga is good for the body and the soul because it combines breathing exercises along with physical exercise. Going to a yoga class is a great experience where you can connect with other people in your class and your yoga instructor. However, if you do not have the time or money to go to yoga classes at a studio, Youtube videos are the next best thing! My personal favorite yoga Youtube channel is Yoga with Bird.

Getting crafty

Painting, sewing, drawing, or coloring: the possibilities are endless! Doing DIY projects and crafts is a great way to get off your phone and do something productive. You can make it even more fun and have a craft night with friends! Some of my favorite ways to get crafty are making jewelry from beads and string, painting, and making little ring dishes from clay. 

Emma is a junior at TCNJ majoring in Sociology! Emma is really passionate about sustainability and women's rights. Some of her likes include music, astrology, painting, yoga, and rollerskating!
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