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As October starts to wind down, we are beginning to feel the pressure of the semester. Midterms have come and gone, and now it’s time to buckle down. You’re probably feeling overwhelmed, mentally tired, and ready to break down.


Now is the time to concentrate on your mental health. It’s ok to give yourself a break. It’s ok to forgive yourself for not finishing every single thing on your task list. We are our worst critics, and with everything being so chaotic in the world around us, we need to concentrate on taking care of ourselves.


So let’s talk about self-love; how do we do that? Well, I compiled a list of activities to do to help you do just that. 


  1. Take a hot bubble bath with lavender or eucalyptus bath salts. Both smells have a calming effect. Add calming music, light candles, and let yourself enjoy the stillness.


  1. Treat yourself to a fluffy blanket and spend the day on the couch, watching a show, or reading your favorite book.


  1. Baking! Take the time to cook yourself your favorite treat.


  1. Have a picnic, take a blanket and lunch to your local park and enjoy the outdoors. Maybe even catch up on your favorite book while relaxing.


  1. Shopping! Online shopping is pretty fun. I love to make wish lists and also check out Pinterest for fun ways to upgrade my wardrobe. 


  1. Give yourself a mani/pedi. It’s ok if you’re bad at painting your nails. I always use q-tips and nail polish remover to clean up the edges. 


  1. Start that DIY project you have been putting off.


  1. Watch a funny movie while enjoying a carton of your favorite ice cream.


  1. Try a new makeup look that you’ve been interested in. (Buy the red lipstick!)


  1. Binge-watch your favorite Disney movies.


  1. Make your favorite coffee/tea in your favorite cup, sit outside, and enjoy the view.


  1. Color in a coloring book you loved as a kid. (I personally loved Lisa Frank or Hello Kitty)


  1. Learn yoga or meditation from youtube videos.


  1. Try a craft like a wreath for your front door or paint a piece of furniture that could use a makeover.


  1. Paint or carve a pumpkin 


  1. Have a girls night


  1. Have a photoshoot with friends in a tourist spot (social distancing, of course)


  1. Let yourself cry. Sometimes we have been strong for too long that we just need that release.


  1. Take a nap; sometimes, we just need to rest and recover from our busy lives.


  1. Marie Kondo your home, getting rid of items we no longer use or need help us feel a bit more organized and not so much scatterbrained. 


Remember, it’s ok not to be ok, and we have to give ourselves a break. Take a deep breath, talk to a friend or a counselor (which most college campuses provide) if you feel like things are too hard to handle on your own. Know that you have resources and people out there that care for you and are cheering you on. 


Most importantly, LOVE yourself and pat yourself on the back. You’re doing a fantastic job, and I am proud of you. 

Danielle VanBuskirk is a Senior English Major at Texas A&M University San Antonio. She plans on going into medical and technical writing. She currently resides in Tyler,TX with her husband and 4 Fur babies. When she isn't lounging around reading romance novels she is busy working on her little side business where she gets to bring her love of fashion and creation to life.
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