Starbucks is Out and Here’s Why

There is perhaps no greater representation of the dynamic, frenzied, unique, and pivotal nature of the undergrad life, than the familiar back drop for all things college: that’s right, a coffee shop. And it's true! Coffee shops are like snowflakes, no two are the same, and most are cold as hell.

It is no secret that there are a gazillion (yes, a gazillion) coffee shops in the B/CS area, all hustling and bustling with frantic college students.  But don’t worry, I’m here for you, you’re local coffee shop expert. Consider this your ultimate guide to finding your fit, trying something new, and ordering the best darn thing on the menu, no matter where you are.


1. Lupa’s Coffee Shop


Arguably the most popular spot in College Station is Lupa’s Coffee Shop. Here at Lupa’s you’ll find THE best baristas in all the land. Personable, professional, and pretty damn good at making coffee. With big windows to remind you what the sun looks like, multiple rooms so you don’t have fight parking AND seating, and the occasional Friday night concert, Lupa’s is your sweet escape. When at Lupa’s, the Canadian Latte is the move people. Trust me on this one.


2. Sweet Eugene’s House of Java

Sweet Eugene’s, or more commonly referred to as ‘Sweets,’ will have you completely immersed in the #college #culture. This is the perfect example of all the forms a college coffee shop can take. Late night study sesh? Catch up convo with a friend? Morning bible study? Sweets has it all. With ample couch space, plenty of outlets and movable tables, you’ll find there’s just about nothing this house of java can’t handle. I have to go with a classic iced white mocha on this one guys. “But I can get that anywhere!” Oh yeah, I know what you’re thinking. NO ONE knows how to White Mocha quite like Sweets though, promise!


3. Harvest Coffee Bar

So this next one is a personal favorite. Harvest Coffee Bar is a tranquil little coffee shop nestled into the main strip of downtown Bryan. Harvest boasts in a robust menu, extremely soft couches, and a bumpin’ playlist that will get you on your study grind. The best thing about Harvest, besides its out-of-this-world kind baristas, may very well be the Candlelight Latte. It’s the perfect blend of perfection to pull you through a dreary night of studying. Take my word for it; this one is worth the drive!


4. POV Coffee

Okay, don’t hate me… this one is also a bit of a trek!  Far removed from the traffic-crazy chaotic mess College Station can sometimes be, Point of View, referred to as POV (clever I know!), is quite a safe haven. Okay, aesthetic-lovers, this one is for you! POV’s best quality, hands-down, feet-up, is its incredible architecture and décor. If you have an affinity for exposed light bulbs, high vaulted ceilings, and the greenest lawn you’ve ever seen, POV is the place to be!  The gem of the menu, you ask? Definitely the Snowfall Latte! You won’t regret it.


5. The Brew Coffeehouse

Last but not least, we have The Brew! This place truly takes the cake for turning function into fashion. Attached to Connecting Point Church, you can still see the cardboard tables, trippy carpets, and linoleum-flooring characteristic of its parent building. BUT, where The Brew starts to impress us all is the stark contrast between Connecting Point and its warm glow, suspended wooden pallets, and high barstool style vibes! It’s truly like walking into a different world. You can’t leave The Brew without ordering the “Secret Handshake.” If the barista asks you for the password, simply knock on the counter twice and prepare to experience an exclusive drink in a quaint corner of College Station.


Well, there ya have it, folks! Your super insiders look at some of the best caffeine craze the B/CS has to offer! Now you’re all set for a coffee crawl with your closest pals. They’ll be wowed with your knowledge and expertise! Try a new place, a new drink, or just a new look at your favorite shop. They sure are a big part of our college experience. Cheers to coffee!