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Small Ways to Feel a Little More in Control This Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

There are lots of things in this world that just can’t be helped — immediately, anyway. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless, especially in college, and for that, I’ve compiled a list of small things of varying effort we can all do to feel a little more in control this week. Everyone’s different and carries their stress differently, so this list is less of a cure-all and more of a springboard; take these ideas and spin them to match your own needs!


When you only have minimal effort to give, try one or more of these:

1. Clean your makeup brushes.

I don’t know anyone who actually does this regularly (though I’m sure they exist — if you’re out there, more power to you!), but we all kind of have this voice in the back of our heads that knows maybe we should, so lets at least do it once! If you have the drive to turn this into a habit, great! If that seems overwhelming right now, no worries. Better once than never at all.


2. Tidy just a tiny bit of your room or kitchen.

Maybe it’s putting away some of the clothes piled over your desk chair or doing just half the dishes. Don’t feel the need to finish the task if it’s taking so much effort it’s making you feel worse — just hanging up a couple of sweatshirts helps, and progress is progress, no matter what.


3. Take out the trash/recycling.

You might be surprised how much of an effect this kind of task can have.


4. Try to put a little effort into making your bed, even if all that means is tossing the comforter back towards the headboard.

Again — progress is progress, no matter what.


5. Seriously, write stuff down.

I know this one seems rather unoriginal, but sometimes we get caught up in the stress of things and need a reminder. Whoever needs to hear this today, this one’s for you. Write down the assignments/responsibilities/whatever’s stressing you out, because things always, always, always look less intimidating on paper.


Feeling better? Have some energy still, and want to take on some larger tasks? Try these, too:


1. Update your skincare/beauty/hygiene routine.

I recently switched to a number of more natural products in several aspects of my life, and now that I’ve had them long enough to know that they’re helping, I can clear out the other products clogging up my counter space. Plus, I have the satisfaction of knowing that my skin is slowly but surely looking better than ever!


2. Do some more intense tidying.

This is usually the point where I empty my wallet and/or backpack and start throwing away old receipts and whatnot, but whatever works for you. Even if you don’t completely revamp your binder’s organization system like you thought you would, tossing a couple of sheets of paper is more progress than none.


3. Put a little effort into cleaning the bathroom or kitchen area.

If your cleaning supplies are lacking, that’s okay! Grab some Clorox wipes or whatever you’ve got that can suffice and sanitize the countertops. Trust me… no one wants ants. Wipe the counters. Vacuum the floors too, if you’re feeling that vibe.


The most important part of all of this? That you feel better. If none of this is working, branch out. Try some more traditional self-care, like a nice bubble bath, or take the energy you have and put it into socializing with your roommates, friends, or study group. Remember, you’re important and taking care of yourself is equally as important! Have a lovely week!

Allison Beatty is a journalism major down at good ol' Texas A&M, getting through the twists and the turns of life just like everyone else!