Phases of Your Period

Periods are a woman’s worst nightmare, but also her best friend.  Getting your period is a sign that no unplanned pregnancies will be occurring, but at the same your body is screwing with you in so many ways that you just want to give up in stay in bed until it’s all over.  Some women experience really brutal periods, while others are able to go about their business as usual with little to no side effects.  Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you will with no doubt be able to identify with these different period phases!


One.  Your Emotions Start Going Haywire. This might happen with some girls before their period or during it.  For some reason, menstruation makes it hard to keep a grip on our normal emotions and behaviors, so it’s no surprise when we lash out. Or cry. Or start laughing uncontrollably.  We’re (literally) just going with the flow.


Two.  The First Cramp. Your period decides to show up whenever it wants to.  You could be anywhere, at anytime, with anyone.  But when you get that first cramp - you know.  Then you start trying to remember if you packed a pad or tampon, try to find the nearest bathroom, and start remembering all the awesome plans you had that are now ruined or have to be cancelled because you’re about feel like human garbage.


Three.  The First Two Days of Misery. You almost forgot how awful it is to manage your life while you’re on your period, and regret taking all those days in between your periods for granted.  The first few days of your period, the cramping and bleeding you experience is the literal worst.  But with an ibuprofen and a few minutes relaxing on a heating pad, we carry on.


Four.  The Cravings. Ice cream. Chocolate. Popcorn. Waffles.  Anything.  You can eat whatever you want on your period - there’s no shame in treating yoself while your body is tearing itself apart.


Five.  Acceptance. It’s been a few days, the cramps have died down and your flow isn’t as intense.  You’re starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, and you’re able to get through your days without being completely mad at your uterus.  You got this girl!


Six.  The Anticipation. You’re so ready for this period to be over that it’s driving you crazy.  Being able to wear your cute underwear again is a feeling you can’t deny anymore, and it’s so close you can’t even handle yourself.


Seven.  Freedom. YOU SURVIVED!  Full life is restored and you can continue your activities as a free woman.  See you next time, Aunt Flo!!