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Journal Entry: My Self-Love and Self-Healing Journey

     For the past few months, I’ve been going through a lot of stress and anxiety as well as feeling emotionally drained. For that reason, I decided to change things up by working on self love and healing my emotional/mental state. What helped me through this hard journey was yoga, meditation and affirmations. They all go together as I do yoga practices with affirmation and I feel good for the whole day. Today was no different as I took a 30-minute “Yin Yoga class for self love and healing” from Yoga with Kassandra’s Youtube channel. 

     In this class, Kassandra asked viewers to write down everything that came to mind during and after the practice as working with affirmations can be a great way to work with our shadow selves. What that means is that repeating a certain affirmation can make you feel happy, sad, angry, resentful, etc. It’s a great way to understand yourself and what you’re feeling better. My notes were so positive and inspiring that I actually want to share them with you. 

     “Since I’ve already been working on healing myself, my thoughts and the relationship I have with my body. I’m working on believing in all of them and reaching the best version of myself, my higher self. I’m grateful to fall back in love with myself, nature, the universe and life itself. I barely have any stress, anxiety and racing thoughts. All the stressors and negativity don’t affect me the same way anymore. I also don’t take things too personally either. I understand myself, my needs, my desires, my dreams and my morals even more clearly now. I choose to be gentle and feel good about myself every day. I do believe I’m worthy of love and joy as well as that my potential is endless. I love every cell of my body and realize that talking down to myself only makes things worse. So, I’d rather fill my body with love, peace, kindness, compassion, and of course, good food instead.”     

     Sadly, it has taken me months to feel like myself again. However, the wait was worth it as I feel good, balanced and at peace like never before. All it took was a change in routine and with a little help from positive habits, I got to where I am now. Making these changes was hard at first, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s been 10 days since I’ve been feeling like I’m walking on clouds and having control of my life in the most positive way. My relationships with my family also improved significantly. 


     With all of that being said, I’m proud of myself and all of the changes I made that fit my routine better. If I knew that self-love felt so good, I would’ve tried getting to it much faster. I honestly don’t know what’s more satisfying than feeling good under your own skin because when you love yourself, that’s when you can love others too.

24, Sagittarius, Brazilian. University of Tampa 2022’ I'm a language geek, adventure seeker, bookworm and future writer/journalist. g.maistrobrasolin@spartans.ut.edu
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