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Five Places Around Campus and Tampa to Stay Active

Classes, homework, extracurricular activities, hanging out with friends, and constant Netflix binging keeps college students extremely busy and their schedules packed.  It is important to remember that exercise should be a part of our routine to push the stress away.  Need some ideas of where to work out? Look no further than our beautiful campus and Tampa Bay area for places to stay active all school year long.

  1. The Fitness Center

This one seems pretty obvious, but we have a brand new fitness center, might as well use it!

  1. Bleachers/Track

If you do not want to workout in the gym, but want to stay on campus, try doing workouts on the track and the bleachers. There are so many different types of workouts that do not require any weights that you can do right on the track/bleachers.

  1. Bayshore Boulevard

Running is a lot more enjoyable when there is a view of the ocean and a chance of possible dolphin sighting.

  1. Convention Center

Looking to get off campus but do not really want to run, try the Convention Center. They have stairs that you can run that will give you a great workout, and space to do an endless amount of various exercises. You will have the same views as if you were on Bayshore, but without the running aspect.

  1. UT’s Pool

You can get your workout and tan in at the same time!

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