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How to Stay Fit During the Winter

The winter weather in Syracuse affects us all. It can be tough to bring yourself to head to the gym after walking from class to class all day in negative temperatures. Many people find themselves in a winter slump, wishing it was summer. Before the warm weather hits, you can work on bettering your physical health in a variety of ways.

A healthy lifestyle, specifically during these cold winter months, are all about decision making. You can make the choice to uber somewhere, or bundle up and walk. You can make the choice to go to Chipotle for the third time this week, or you can save this as a treat for one night and make a salad with chicken at the dining hall instead. We choose to make time for the gym and exercise to benefit our physical health. Often times, one must identify the choices they are making in their everyday life before implementing a workout schedule, or option to eat healthy alternatives.

As much as it is tough to start something new, developing a new routine that targets bettering your physical health is the first step. As a routine oriented person myself, I look forward to my hour and a half each day I spend at the gym. This is my time for reflection and development in both my physical and mental health as this is a perfect opportunity to forget about the stresses around you (even if it’s just for a short amount of time!).

However, for someone who likes change, try going to the gym at a different time each day or even rotate exercises. Remember that it is important to follow through with these lifestyle changes, but also keep in mind that your body also needs rest. It is OK to take a break once and awhile.

In fact, listening to your body is key for understanding how you should move forward in your dieting and exercise goals. You may notice gradual improvements by spending time at the gym each day, or positive outcomes when you make a healthy meal choice. But it is necessary to keep in mind this does take time. You have to WANT to implement these changes into your daily life, and take action on it. Begin with identifying your goals and motivational factors.

During the winter months, why not take advantage of the opportunity to spend time indoors at the gym. At the beginning of the week, set aside time each day to workout. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend hours on end at the gym, but you are starting to develop a cycle that is initiated by feeling comfortable in the environment you are surrounded by. Becoming “a regular” at the gym closest to your dorm building may incline you to go more often. Additionally, Seeing others with similar fitness goals to you tends to be a motivational factor in pursuing this healthy behavior.

It is time to follow through on those new year’s resolutions and workout goals. But most importantly, it is time to take a moment for yourself. Adjusting your mindset will lead to progress in living a healthier lifestyle.


Bella Podgorski

Syracuse '22

Bella Podgorski is a current Freshman at Syracuse University studying Communication and Rhetorical Studies. She is looking forward to writing for Her Campus and applying her knowledge from high school in terms of writing for a publication. She is from Farmington, Connecticut but loves living in Syracuse, New York. Bella was the Editor-in-chief of her high school newspaper and President of the International Honor Society for High School Journalists at Farmington High School for the 2017-2018 school year. She loves to write about styles/ trends in college and lifestyle pieces. Her outside interests include working out and shopping when she's not writing.
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