5 Ways to Remain Sane During Finals Week

Listen up! Finals week is right around the corner, and that means all kinds of stressing and zero sleep. This is the most dreaded week of the semester because its your last chance to get a passing grade. Aside from that, caffeine levels increase dramatically and everyone will start to look like zombies. As you and I both know, giving in to the weight that final exams has on us is not at all healthy. So, here are a few ways to prevent that from happening to you. 


1. Go outside – During finals week everyone likes to stay in and cram everything they’ve learned in the past few months all in one night. So to avoid going insane, make sure to get fresh air even if its for 10 minutes. Take a walk around campus, sit on Deg patio, or set a blanket outside behind Hassinger Hall. 


2. Take a nap – This is very crucial because in order to perform well, you have to be well-rested. I know, sleep the night before finals is sort of out of the question but, seriously take a nap…you’ll thank me later. 


3. Eat! – With everything to study for, there seems to be no time to grab a meal and actually enjoy it. But your health definitely comes before some final exam you have to take. So make sure to eat throughout the day because no one wants to be around a “hangry” person. 


4. Attend Distressing Events – Lucky for you, SU holds various events dedicated to providing students with activities fit for relaxing the body and mind. Such things include back massages, late-night breakfast, Dog Days, etc. So, make sure to be on the look out. 


5. Interact with people – During these stressful times everyone wants to exclude themselves completely evrything. Students begin to forget they even friends, which is clearly not good thing. Make time to grab lunch with your friends so you each can fight through finals as a unit! 


Best of Luck!