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As the end of the semester approaches and final exams come to an end, the stress unfortunately will still weigh heavily on many of our shoulders. Due to the pandemic, everything looks different this year, and de-stressing after completing online exams may seem impossible. But it isn’t! Here are some tips to help you de-stress this winter. 


Treat yourself to some self-care


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A great way that I love to do this is through face masks, body scrubs, and bubble baths. Personally, I am a huge fan of bath and body works aromatherapy! They have excellent body scrubs and bubble baths in the Eucalyptus Spearmint scent, which is made for stress relief! I also love to buy face masks online in bulk and do one every night, each one with a different purpose! I usually buy these online at Sephora but many can even be bought at a local CVS!


Connect with friends and family


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One thing that has helped me de-stress immensely after exams is video chatting with friends and family. We watch holiday movies, play games, or just have random useless conversations. It is a great way to feel a little less lonely in these trying times. 


Curl up with an easy book


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As a big fan of YA novels, I tend to love the cheesy romance ones as a way to relax. Curling up in a comfortable spot with candles burning in the background and a hot chocolate or tea beside me is a great way to relax. 


Start a new project


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I may be alone in this, but I tend to find myself more anxious or stressed if I have absolutely nothing to do. A good solution to this is working on a new project! I love to buy canvases from Michaels that have a photo already drawn on them (they’re usually cheesy animals but its so fun!) and comes with paint and brushes! It is a super easy, and relaxing project that not only takes time, but has a really cute result! Maybe you can even give them as gifts to family members once they are done! Knitting, crocheting and sewing are all also great ways to keep your hands busy. 


Discover new music


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Lastly, a big way I love to relax is spending time browsing new music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube. I look into artists from different countries and translate their lyrics, or listen to ones I have simply never heard of before. There is something so serene about letting myself get lost in each tune, and it really helps calm me to my core.

Carina Fresa is a current Senior honors student at Suffolk University. Originally from Connecticut, she has truly found a home in Boston. She is the multi-media coordinator for Rampage Show Choir, as well as a participant in Her Campus and the Union of Designers, Operators and Technicians. Carina loves music, film, reading and writing. She also enjoys dedicating time to helping animals, and worked at her local cat shelter back in CT.
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