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I have a pretty simple skin routine. My skin isn’t perfect but I’m working on it. After multiple rounds of trial and error, I have found a few products that work for me and could work for you! Below are my favorite skin products that I love and use daily!

1. Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub

I use this product in the shower about twice a week. It’s refreshing and gives you a fresh, cool, minty feeling.

2. Tea Tree Oil

Whenever I make homemade face masks, I always add a couple drops of tea tree oil to it. Tea tree oil is natural. There many benefits that can help with acne, and bacteria. In addition, I also use tea tree oil if I decide to do a hair mask to help with dryness and shine. 

3. Up and Up Deep Cleansing Pore Treatment Toner

I have recently bought this product and I love it already. From Target, this product is affordable and efficient. I put toner on twice a day. Already, I have noticed a difference.

4. Nivea Skin Cream

After applying toner, I always apply this moisturizer. It has been hard to find a moisturizer that is not too oily but still works well.

5. Face Masks

Occasionally, I put on face masks to destress and relax. I switch between sheet masks, mud masks, and various masks that seem interesting.

6. Water

Lastly, but arguably the most important, water! After New Years, I made a resolution to drink more water and stay hydrated and my skin has shown improvement significantly.

As the college semester continues, the constant busyness of finals and assignments can cause you to breakout. Hopefully having a thorough and healthy skin care routine can help prevent some of these future breakouts. But if not, know that you are not alone and, unfortunately, it happens to everyone! 

Suzanne Tawch

Stony Brook '20

Pre-Med. Things I like: coffee, Netflix, That 70's Show, memes. Things I don't like: Mondays, Youtube Ads, pineapple on pizza.
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