How I’m Practicing Better Mental Health for Spring Semester

1. Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is a mix between a planner, notebook, diary, etc. It can be whatever you want it to be, and is completely customizable and helps with organization! Mine is full of to-do lists, daily and monthly planning, and whatever else I feel like writing down or drawing.


2. Adjusting My Sleep Schedule

I’ve started going to sleep and waking up earlier, although this wasn’t by choice (thanks, early morning journalism classes!), it definitely helps me get more done throughout the day, instead of worrying and staying up later than necessary.

3. Going to the Gym

Getting in a good workout in the afternoon after classes are over not only helps me feel good physically but clears my mind and puts me in a good mood. A bonus is that it exhausting and helps me to go to sleep early!

4. Meditating

Every morning I wake up, stretch for a few minutes and listen to an audio from an app called Calm. They provide guided meditations, and I’ve found it really helps to start the day with a clear head!

5. More Water…Less Caffeine

I never thought I would say those words, I’m a three cups of coffee a day (at least) kind of person. But, cutting down on the coffee leaves room for more water throughout the day which leaves me feeling refreshed and hydrated; and my skin looking and feeling great!

6. Decluttering

Taking time at the end of each day to regroup and organize your belongings will lead to more efficient mornings instead of running around looking for your other shoe or digging through piles on your desk looking for that one specific book. Cleaning up a little bit each day is definitely a lot better than devoting one day to cleaning everything.

7. Taking Time for Myself

Most importantly, remember to do what makes you happy. Leave time during the day or week to be with friends or family, and leave time to be by yourself!