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5 Ways to Destress During Midterm Season

When the time is late, yet the library is packed with students slowly pulling their hair out, you know that midterm season has befallen. When it seems like it is always midterm season and there is no end, here are five ways to destress. 

1. Exercise It Away

Exercise has been proven again and again to reduce stress by improving concentration and producing endorphins—hormones secreted in the brain that make you feel good. Lace up a pair of sneakers and hit that gym.

2. Get Those Zzz’s

A good night’s sleep will leave any individual ready to tackle the day and anything that comes with it including the stress that comes with midterms.

3. Take a Breath

Sometimes after studying for a long time, you may need to take a break from the material and a deep breath in. A few seconds of yoga or meditation can induce a calm feeling and restore focus.

4. Talk to A Friend

We are all in this together and we all know the stress of college. Friends are always there and ready to help out. They’ll know the right things to say and you’ll see that it isn’t just you going through this.

5. Dance It Off

If all else fails, pump up the music loud for a few minutes with your favorite jam and shake those hips. Destress for a few minutes and shake it off.

In the end, remember that a diamond was once a piece of charcoal that underweight extreme stress and pressure, but handled it remarkably well. After the exams pass, you are closer than ever to your goals and dreams.

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