5 Self-Care Apps for Spring

Happy spring cleaning, Seawolves! The mile-high snow piles are starting to melt, and it’s time to replace our winter blues with a sunny disposition and healthy lifestyle. It may seem like a chore at first, but practicing routine self-care is crucial to developing a healthy and in-tune mind, body, and soul. With our smartphones attached to us at all times, it is now easier than ever as we enter the spring season. So, let the sunshine in, and check out these helpful apps below.

1. Plant Nanny

This app helps you to hydrate properly and build a virtual garden of plants while you’re at it! Plant Nanny estimates exactly how many ounces of water you need to drink per day based on your body weight and day-to-day activity. Each time you drink a full bottle or cup of water, record it in the app and watch your plant grow. This app is the perfect way to stay properly hydrated according to your unique body information, and it’s absolutely free! (And, c’mon, the plants are so cute you’ll want to drink water all day to help them grow.)

2. Simple Habit

Meditation has been proven to benefit both physical and mental health, and with this app, you can curate what types of meditation you want to practice based on a list of goals to choose from (pictured below). Simple Habit encourages a set time each day or night to practice meditation to get into a healthy routine and work towards long-term goals to benefit you physically, mentally, and spiritually. A one-month free trial is granted upon downloading.

3. Workout For Women: Fitness App

With a 4.8 out of five-star rating on the iTunes App Store, this fitness app offers a wide selection of 7-minute workouts targeting many different areas and intensities. You can even do these workouts from the comfort of your own room! It’s easier than you think to take only seven minutes out of your day to help complete that dreaded trip to the gym you had planned. Combining several seven-minute exercises from the app can give you a well-rounded, total body workout! And, it is absolutely free.

4. Flo

If you are looking to start tracking your period or haven’t found the most accurate app for you yet, look no further! Flo is an app that not only tracks your period and predicts future cycles, but also includes ovulation dates and alerts your chances of getting pregnant on the monthly calendar. With each period you log, Flo more accurately predicts the changes in coming cycles over the following months. It also has daily news briefings on personal health, tracks your steps, and can answer any other questions you have! Definitely, an essential to accurately tracking your period symptoms and answering why you cried five times in one day.

 5. PrismaJoy

I’ve become a strong proponent of art therapy, and this app allows me to relax and color many different drawings for free! Many coloring apps force you to purchase a subscription after a free trial, but PrismaJoy offers free usage of many features in the app. From animals to flowers, you can color in many different drawings with ease. This app is great for that study break after hours of cramming for a big exam or just trying to relax before going to sleep.