Finding Peace Within

 It’s so easy to get caught up in the idea that the more we consume, the happier we’ll be.

When feeling empty, the quickest band-aid solution is to want or buy more to fill us up. And when that still doesn’t feel like enough, we’ll get something else to try to feel satisfied.

We’re constantly searching for something external to bring us joy when in reality, it’s all internal.

The point is, if you feel unfulfilled, lost, or not content with your current state, the only person who can make you feel better is yourself – not when you hit a certain number of followers or likes, when that cute boy start’s giving you attention, or when you buy that new pair of shoes.


Some tips I’ve learned along my own journey to inner peace:  


1. Reduce the clutter – remove anything in your life that doesn’t serve you or bring you joy. It’ll help you appreciate the items that you actually do care about.


2. Be in community – I feel most connected to my soul when I’m with people who fill me up and challenge me to live up to my values. Try questioning who you’re spending the most time with and ask yourself if those people serve you. 


3. Practice gratitude – rather than searching for something external to bring you joy, practice slowing down and noticing the simple things, like the beauty of snow falling or the sun glistening in your room. 


Here's to a new week and to finding peace, self-love, and compassion within.