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I’m here to talk about all things flowers in this blog post. I don’t know about you, but some of my FAVORITE flowers are blooming this season. Grab them at your local farmer’s market, grocery store, or flower shop!

I’m saying this because I believe you don’t need any major accomplishment to celebrate how amazing you are - no amount of success, productivity, or income will change your worth. And as one of my mentors Mel Robbins, practices loving herself through buying herself flowers, so I’ve joined in on this too.

Here are some gorgeous blooms I hope you can get to spark some joy for you or a loved one.


Spring: Ranunculus

I’d say Ranunculus must be my all-time favorite flowers. They’re absolutely beautiful and right now it is their prime season for blooming!


March-May: Tulips

Tulips bloom depending on the weather and right now there are some amazing tulip farms that you can go to and pick your own flowers! With Mother’s Day coming up next month, this is a great way to celebrate by grabbing some flowers and getting some time outdoors.

Check out this local tulip farm: Wicked Tulips, Exeter, RI


May & June: Peonies

Expect these gorgeous flowers to bloom late spring and early summer. They come in all shades from vibrant pinks, to soft coral, to orange and so much more. And what better than some breathtaking blooms to brighten your day.


Buy yourself the flowers, because dang it, you deserve them. ???

Corinne Lewis

Stonehill '22

Corinne Lewis is a Senior at Stonehill College and her hometown is Franklin, MA. Her desire to live creatively has led her to pursue her BSBA and BA in Marketing and Graphic Design while running her own business, Power of Me. Corinne loves connecting with her community and utilizes Her Campus to write about her personal experience and values. She finds bliss in sunsets on the beach, sipping on a freshly brewed cup of coffee, practicing spirituality, and listening to podcasts. Corinne believes that we all have a story to share and hopes to inspire those around her.
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