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A Great Week Starts with a Great Sunday Reset Routine

The thought of beginning a new week, especially as a college student, can seem daunting, scary, and overwhelming. Sundays were the bain of my existence freshman year for this very reason. Although I still get the “Sunday scaries” thinking about how busy of a week I am about to have, perfecting my Sunday reset routine has actually turned Sunday into one of my favorite days of the week. By having a solid Sunday reset routine, I am able to go into my school week feeling prepared, rested, and less anxious. Here are a few things I do every Sunday to set myself up for success. 

Workout. Although I workout five other days of the week, I put special emphasis on getting a good workout in on Sundays. On Sundays I have plenty of time to get in a good, long workout and it also sets the tone for a week full of good workouts. 

Complete easy assignments. I prefer not to do homework on Sundays, but when I do I try to not save any long or difficult last minute assignments for that day. The homework I usually do on Sundays are worksheets, notes for an easy class, or any “busy work” I can just check off the TO DO list.

Laundry. There is nothing better than going into the week with an empty laundry basket and clean sheets. I have also gotten into the habit of folding and putting away my clothes right when they come out of the dryer rather than letting them sit in my laundry basket for days on end. 

Clean Spaces. If you don’t do anything else on this list, please clean your spaces. For me, I make sure that my room and bathroom in my dorm are clean, as well as my car (if I am at home and using it a lot). Having these clean spaces will promote a clean and peaceful headspace to start off the week. 

Plan the Week. Planning out my week is probably the most important thing I do that reduces my stress for the coming week. I make a list of all of the assignments I have to do that week and plan which days I will do the assignments. I also plan what days I will be doing different workouts along with any events that I have. I personally prefer using a physical planner, but planning these things out digitally is also a great option. 

THE Shower. Not just any shower. THE shower. Wash your hair, do a hair mask, exfoliate, shave, and do whatever else you have to do. 

Skincare/selfcare. In addition to my normal skincare routine, I make sure to do a face mask or some other skin treatment when I have the time on Sundays. I also try to incorporate other forms of self care like drinking tea, taking time to read, or watching my favorite shows (Euphoria at 9) to make myself more relaxed heading into the week.

Kenzie Mannone

Stonehill '24

Hello! My name is Kenzie Mannone and I am from a small town in Central Massachusetts. I am currently a sophomore at Stonehill College. I am passionate about planning, organization, sports, and writing!
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