5 Ways to Know You’re in a Healthy Relationship

Although there are several different things that play key factors into realizing a healthy relationship, there are 5 that come to mind (from experience, of course). There have been countless articles that talk about how to spot a bad relationship, so let’s dive in with some positivity here.

1) Is he or she a listener? Do they pay attention to you and put their phone down when you’re expressing how you feel in a serious conversation? Your partner being a good listener is key when it comes to feeling secure in a relationship.

2) Do they act mature when you don’t feel like having “sexy time”? The cases where the partner acts annoyed, doesn’t talk to you for a while afterwards, or overall just doesn’t listen to why you’re denying (back to #1!) is super annoying. Make sure your partner is OK if you’re just not feelin’ it.

3) Does her or she communicate with you? One-sided relationships are definitely not healthy (especially if you’re wanting it to grow into something more). TALK with them and see if they’re feeling like they’re being pressured or if they feel like they’re being ignored (same with you, obvi).

4) Although communication is essential, it is also important for your partner AND you to understand what its like to give someone space. Whether you’re going a break, dealing with a loss, or you partner is just having a bad day, it is important to know when to draw the line with excessive communication.

5) Do they have at least SOME sense of humor? Being in a relationship that has lasted for a year or longer definitely involves settling down and getting serious, but it shouldn’t get to the point where the state and status of your relationship (although important) are all you ever talk about.