Phonetic Eyewear to the Rescue

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The semester may have just begun, but is anyone else struggling with all this screen time? I know I am. As students, we spend hours behind a screen. Whether that’s typing a paper, doing research, taking an online exam, or leisurely scrolling on social media, that's a lot of screen exposure that is damaging to our eyes. 

Thank goodness for Phonetic Eyewear. Computer glasses are the latest development in fighting the negative effects of blue light on Digital Eye Strain and Computer Vision Syndrome. Phonetic technology uses a proprietary lens coating and blocks more than 50% of the light from 380nm to 450nm, which is the portion of the violet/blue spectrum with the highest energy content (aka the portion of blue light that causes digital eye strain!)

Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain include headaches, blurred vision, neck pain, and dry eye. If this sounds like something you’re experiencing following excessive time online, it might be time to look into some blue-light blocking frames.

If you’re curious to learn more, check out this section of their site:

Phonetic Eyewear is based right here in Pittsburgh! Their frames are trendy and durable -- there’s a style for everyone. Phonetic computer glasses can be readers, prescription, or non-prescription if you have natural eyesight or plan to wear them with your contact lenses!

I personally came across Phonetic last summer and have loved my frames ever since. I have the Florence non-prescription frames in the color tortoise. I have noticed a significant decrease in the dry-eye I experience when spending a lot of time on my computer/phone while wearing them!



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Thank you so much Phonetic! We love their frames and know you will too.