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My Favorite Social Media Yogis

I practice yoga to help cope with the stresses of everyday life. Incorporating yoga into my daily routine helps me gain strength, flexibility, and relaxation. It has taught me to be in control of my mind, body, and breathing.

During my dive into the practice, I have come across so many yogis that I go to for inspiration! Here are just a few:


Adriene Mishler

Photo credit: Instagram @adrienelouise


Adriene is my go-to yogi right now for inspiration, positive thinking, and deep knowledge of the practice. Her YouTube channel, “Yoga with Adriene,” is filled with videos for all body types and all level yogis – beginners and advanced. I am currently participating in her “Dedicate: 30 Day Yoga Journey” on YouTube and I highly recommend it! She is constantly expressing positive thoughts and trying to make her viewers feel as comfortable and welcome as possible. Oh…and you get to see her cute pup, Benji, in all of her videos!



Juliana & Mark Spicoluk

Photo credit: Instagram @bohobeautifullife


Juliana’s YouTube videos are always captured with an amazing view, making you feel like you are right there with her during your yoga practice. She has such a soothing voice and a wonderful way of teaching the practice. Whenever I want to get a yoga session in and escape the cold weather, I go to her YouTube channel, “Boho Beautiful Yoga”, and feel like I’m traveling along with her!



Mary Ochsner

Photo credit: Instagram @maryochsner


I was so excited when I found Mary on Instagram. She has endless yoga flow and tutorial videos for any and every purpose you can think of. Having trouble sleeping? Go to her page. Travel a lot and need poses on the go? Go to her page. Have period pains that won’t go away? Go to her page. New to yoga and don’t know where to begin? Go to her page! She has such an inviting smile, positive vibes, and exhibits just how much yoga can benefit any individual.



Melissa Metrano

Photo credit: Instagram @melisfit_


Melissa Metrano is a beautiful fellow yogi I had found on Instagram a year or so back. She is constantly posting pictures to help yogis further their practice and she has advice for everything. Her posts about the wrong/right ways to practice poses are so helpful.



Rachel Brathen

Photo credit: Instagram @yoga_girl


Rachel Brathen, also known as Yoga Girl, shares her life and practice through Instagram and on her website, www.yogagirl.com. On Instagram, she posts the occasional yoga flow, her experiences, and her adorable daughter. She is an honest and refreshing yogi and I love reading what insightful things she has to say in her Instagram captions and blogs! On her website, she uploads free yoga videos to watch and podcasts to listen to. She isn’t afraid to get personal with her viewers and helps remind us no one’s life is perfect.




Saint Vincent College 2020 // Accounting Major x Forensic Studies Minor  Hi there! I'm so glad you made it to my page! My name is Becca - I am apart of the writing and marketing team for Her Campus' Saint Vincent chapter. I love food, german shepherds and finding new places in nature to do yoga. I hope to travel from country to country someday and continue to empower women after graduating. "Always be kinder than you feel" Follow my insta - @beccaamaione to keep in touch!    
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