Dorm Room Organization Hacks

Moving back into a dorm after break can be hectic; bringing back everything you took home along with all the new stuff you got for Christmas. Suddenly when you bring all your bags into your room and look at the tiny closet and think, “none of this crap will fit.” I, being a complete neat freak with my closet, have come up with a few ideas that not only allow me to fit all of my stuff but keep it organized as well. 

1. Place your dresser in your closet. This may seem like it leaves you less room but the truth is not a lot of clothes actually need to be hung up. I only hang up skirts, dresses, light jackets, and tops that wrinkle too easily. Heavier winter coats and vests are stored in a basket under my bed so they don’t take up room. Having a dresser in my closet keeps all my clothes in one area for when I get ready in the morning. Wire shoe racks allow me to create more space for my baskets that hold beauty products and accessories. 

2. Store jewelry in scrapbook containers instead of bulky jewelry racks. I keep all my rings, small bracelets and earrings in my mom’s scrapbooking ribbon container. It saves a lot of space and keeps my small accessories categorized. For larger bracelets and hoop earrings I use a cute jar or basic soap dish. Both were under $5. I keep dainty necklaces on a small rack and statement necklaces on a command hook stuck to the back of my closet. 

3. Roll up clothes that are kept in drawers. I am able to shove so many of my tops, jeans, sleepwear, and active wear in my drawers by applying this method. Along with rolling, I keep everything arranged by color so its easier to put outfits together when I’m running late. 

4. Keep cold weather accessories in a cute basket. I keep all my scarves, gloves, and hats in one place and separate from other small items of clothing like socks to avoid losing pairs. 

5. Have a makeup organizer hold the necessities for easy reach. I got my little makeup organizer off of amazon last year and I love it! I have 8:30s everyday so I am bound to have days when I’m running late. Keeping the essentials all in one place allows me to grab them easier in the morning to throw in my backpack.